Many businesses made the mistake, early on, of believing that social media was a flash in the pan and not something that is here to stay. Time has proven that social media is more important than ever for businesses that want to position themselves for growth. But, you need to use the right social media tools in the right way in order to poise your business for phenomenal growth now and in the future. These are some of the most important social media tools you need if you’re looking to generate a bigger, better, and more profitable Internet presences for your business.


Facebook needs to be your basic, go-to, social media resource where everything is presented to your audience. It is where customers will go to state praise and make complaints so your Facebook presence should be well monitored and offer a fast, authoritative response when necessary.

It should serve as a sort of public relations feed for your business. This is where you’ll go to make announcements, offer discounts, and share exciting news about the business, products, or awards you’ve been offered. Think of this as your cheerleader section.

The great thing about Facebook is that it offers appeal to audiences of all ages – to some degree. Everyone is using it so it becomes the perfect platform to address all of your customers in one convenient location.


Twitter is somewhat limiting and requires a certain touch, but can prove incredibly beneficial for small business owners especially. Twitter allows you to reach a global audience with announcements made in 120 characters or less. This will help you build your brand globally, while offering local customers fast access to news and updates that may appeal to them about your goods and services.


A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram allows you to post pictures designed to excite, entice, encourage, and engage your customers. Another social media venue that offers a wide range of appeal, Instagram allows you to reach a broad audience base with your tempting pictures and the stories that surround them.


Pinterest is growing in appeal and a great way to spread interest in your best products across the globe. Start small and share the love in order to make the appeal feel less commercial. Create boards that tell stories and sprinkle your products in to make your boards stand out or consider the commercial posts now available via Pinterest to put your products in front of likely buyers.

The one things these venues have in common is that they all need someone with a little bit of social media savvy to help dictate the story these tools tell about your business. But first, you need a strategy for using these tools to promote growth in your business. We can help you with both critical steps for using social media, and its many tools, effectively.