Retention = Attraction

Short staffing. Burnout hours. High turnover.

These are all too common. But they don’t have to be. Companies all over the world are learning how to reverse the great resignation—and strengthen their organizations with the great attraction. You can, too. By fostering a culture that nurtures employees from the inside, you’ll keep the people you have—and attract the people you need.

Personal & Professional Development Plans for Individuals & Teams

No whizzy “next big things” or fads. Simply results. 

We follow the Invincible Operating System—an unfailing process for unlocking the potential of people. It is proven, again and again, in successful companies the world over. We’ll use it to transform your company’s culture, so you achieve the success you envision.

Transformation begins with you completing an honest assessment of where you are. Shawn Collins, Certified Consultant of GIANT Worldwide, guides you through this first crucial step. From there, you follow a personalized map to create a culture of Retention = Attraction™. 

Facilitated by:

Facilitated by:

Shawn Collins

Certified GiANT Worldwide Consultant & Founder of EXTEND GROUP

The GiANT Process:

1:1 Personal Development Planning

Become 100% healthy as a leader and a person. Learn more about my Leader Intensive program for individual growth.

Tranform. Magnetize. Grow.

As a Certified GiANT Consultant, Shawn can guide you and your team to greater alignment and success. Talk to Shawn today to start the conversation.

Culture & Leadership Training Opportunities

Shawn Collins brings expertise with powerful tools to train individuals, groups, and organizations. Following a free consultation, you will get a custom Growth Plan that answers your specific pain points and goals. From there, you choose the desired level of commitment and growth.


Growth Plan

When you meet with Shawn Collins for the first time, he will lead you through a series of questions to discover which pain points are of greatest concern for you or your organization and which areas offer opportunities for growth. Shawn will use the findings to build a custom Growth Plan. This is a personalized blueprint that will enable you to gain alignment with your goals, transform your communication, and improve performance.

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Choose Your Plan

Your Growth Plan includes all the ways you and/or your organization can grow. You choose which level of commitment fits your schedule and budget. The following chart illustrates the types of commitment you may consider as you decide on your Growth Plan.

Begin with a virtual Bootcamp to see if GiANT is a good fit. Contact Shawn Collins to schedule your free 1.5-hour Bootcamp today.

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5 Voices System
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Strengthen your “Core” leadership capacity, multiply transformation into others and leave a legacy of influence.


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