Content Marketing STrategies

Content Marketing Strategies

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a business communication solution that identifies key content strategies and implements them to attract the most attention and drive optimal results. EXTEND GROUP uses a combination of internal content and relevant media sources to distribute your content to your target audience in an engaging manner.

Our methods are unique to each business and include compelling content topics, educational videos, and convincing calls to action. Each solution is designed to promote brand loyalty by creating a vibrant and appealing consumer experience.

EXTEND GROUP has a proven track record of success stories illustrating client satisfaction. MotoRad, an automotive aftermarket company, had this to say about our services:

“We turned to EXTEND PERFORMANCE for the development of the new MotoRad website, based on their track record for creating some of the best content rich sites in the industry…They are not content with merely doing what is asked, but strive to provide suggestions/solutions that enhance the user experience… all on time and within budget.”

At EXTEND GROUP, we use the secrets we have learned about content creation and integration to push your website into the top search results in your industry. Contact us today to get started on a content marketing strategy that will improve your methods and increase customer engagement.

The Value of Content Marketing

Every great marketing solution can be measured in increased conversion rates. In our experience, creating exceptional content and properly distributing it to the target audience has resulted in as much as a 600% increase in overall conversion rates.

We also focus on monitoring website feedback in order to continually adapt the content to maximize results. The data we extract can be used to further customize your approach and more effectively promote your brand. Understanding how your target audience thinks is a crucial aspect of optimizing sales and profits.

  • 95% of consumers only look at the first page of search results. 95% 95%
  • Companies that use video get 66% more leads per year. 66% 66%
  • 69% of consumers have bought something because of a tweet. 69% 69%

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