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Responsive Design Websites

Responsive Design Websites

Imagine shutting down your business for one whole day out of every work week. Failure to have a mobile-optimized website is the equivalent of doing exactly that, multiplied by the power of the modern mobile marketplace. If you haven’t yet incorporated a responsive website or native app into your integrated business strategies, you’re hurting your business. Let EXTEND GROUP create an effective website for you, that’s mobile-friendly and optimized for your target audience. We have been developing award-winning websites since our inception in 2007 across multiple industries, from the automotive aftermarket to law enforcement and community non-profits.

The websites we develop are continually updated and fully responsive, meaning your consumers always have the best experience possible at their fingertips. Your website is going to work and look great at any size.

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The Mobile-First Approach

70% of all web traffic happens on a mobile device, and consumers are now spending five or more hours a day on their smartphones. If your website and eCommerce store are not designed with your mobile audience in mind, you will lose a significant amount of traffic and see a continual drop in brand loyalty.

When we design a client’s website, we utilize a mobile-first approach, ensuring that the website is fully responsive on all devices. We understand that most consumers find an organization first via their mobile devices, so we take the time to ensure each of our websites look and work seamlessly on smaller screens.

Does your website attract a mobile following, or are mobile users discouraged by your unresponsive content? If you need an upgrade or aren’t sure where your brand stands, contact us today. We can help.


of Web traffic happens on a mobile device

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