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Consulting Services

Knowing when to engage the services of a specialized consultant can be the difference between success and failure. Every company needs a comprehensive and cohesive plan of action to separate themselves in tough, competitive markets. Relying on self-marketing and standard promotional strategies simply doesn’t cut it in today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape. Which is why enlisting a trusted 3rd party organization like EXTEND GROUP to analyze, plan, and implement your marketing campaign is a crucial step.

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Tactics & Strategies

  1. Set goals and objectives. Identifying and prioritizing the targets of your business is a key starting point for any effective marketing plan.
  2. Develop a content strategy. The plan begins to take shape once we have outlined methods to achieve these goals and devised an integrated process.
  3. Implement the plan. Turning these concepts and ideas into active strategies.
  4. Monitor and adjust. Even the best plans can be improved upon once you have feedback to analyze and react to.

With over a decade spent providing expert consulting services, EXTEND GROUP has the knowledge and resources to meet the needs of your company. Using our customized THRIVE process – Trusted, Holistic, Researched, Innovative, Validated, Engaged – we can help you implement the optimal strategies for your situation.

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