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Value of eCommerce

Over the past two decades, eCommerce  the practice of buying and selling goods online – has become the driving economic force in our economy. It has transformed the way consumers think and view products. It has also spawned gigantic retail companies like eBay and Amazon that now dominate the world’s consumer marketplace.

People no longer have to leave their homes to find the products they require. Online purchasing is the present and future of sales, and your business needs to be involved to thrive in today’s market.

eCommerce saves people two of our most vital commodities: money and time. It makes shopping cheaper and easier, a combination that will always be in demand. Large online businesses can usually offer goods at a much lower price than their brick and mortar counterparts thanks to low overhead costs and volume purchasing. Plus, with the simple click of a mouse, consumers can purchase virtually any product they want and have it shipped to their door, often within 24 hours.

The bottom line is that any business suited to online sales must be part of the eCommerce landscape in order to keep up with economic trends and modern consumer behavior. eCommerce should not be seen as a challenge to be overcome, but an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

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Value of eCommerce

 Once the decision to move to online sales is made (and, trust us, it’s the right one), managing and driving those sales becomes top priority. There are several factors that drive eCommerce business:

  • Honesty. It is important to provide an accurate depiction of your product. Every business should strive for strong customer loyalty, and honesty is the cornerstone of that relationship.
  • Incentives. There are many ways a business can use incentives to promote their brand and increase customer satisfaction. Money-back guarantees, discount promo codes and buy one, get one free offers are just a few of the methods that can be used to increase sales and brand loyalty.
  • Accessibility. Making your products accessible to the largest audience possible is the key to maximizing your total sales. This means offering multiple methods of payment, global shipping and a website that works well on any device or internet connection. Investing in these areas will provide immediate and tangible results.

If you believe your business is ready to make the smart transition into eCommerce, the experts at EXTEND GROUP are here to help guide you into this exciting new realm. We know all the do’s and don’ts of dealing with eCommerce platforms and can help those already selling on Amazon by more effectively marketing their products on the website. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


By 2021, eCommerce sales are expected to make up 17.5% of retail sales worldwide

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