Frequently Asked Questions

What does EXTEND GROUP do?

EXTEND GROUP offers outstanding digital marketing services for businesses who wish to grow online. We cater for every industry and design the most effective solutions that deliver results. We deliver so that you can thrive.

How does my business benefit from digital marketing?

Most of the business that people do these days is online, and without a digital marketing strategy, your business will be left behind. Digital marketing is designed to increase brand awareness within your target market, while increasing your online presence across the media that your customers are most likely to use.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, provides a way for you to gain higher rankings in search engine results for particular keywords, services or products, which allows your customers to find you faster. Your results are competitive within your niche so that you can beat the competition every time.

How will my site look on tablets and cell phones? Will it be responsive?

All of our digital marketing services and website design are delivered in the most responsive way, so that no matter how your customers are trying to access your website, they will be presented with a clean and beautiful user interface that allows them to purchase quickly and efficiently.

Does your company provide full-service marketing solutions?

Yes. EXTEND GROUP is a full service digital marketing agency that provides services that increase your presence online while attracting more valuable leads to deliver outstanding growth to your business.