Customer-Relationship Management

Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Modern innovation in customer relationship management software can be an incredible asset for your company. Taking advantage of this powerful tool is a virtual necessity for any successful business.

No organization knows CRM better than software marketing automation company, SharpSpring. EXTEND GROUP is proud to be partnered with this amazing organization that has helped countless start-up businesses achieve success through their state-of-the-art approach to online marketing solutions and consumer-based data entry. 

SharpSpring provides low monthly-fee contracts, and EXTEND GROUP clients receive additional discounts. Affordable and effective, implementing CRM software through our outstanding partnership is a must for any company serious about automating their marketing.

The Value of CRM

SharpSpring’s uniquely designed CRM tools achieve results by extracting valuable data from a company’s most treasured resource – their customers. This information is then used to develop powerful tactical marketing solutions that increase return on investments and improve overall conversion rates. 

Analyzing a wide variety of platforms from social media to email marketing to paid ads, SharpSpring is able to assess how your marketing approach is affecting customer relations and how it can be improved to create even more leads. 

They also provide vital information about your business. Spending analysis will show you which areas are most effective and where you should reduce your focus. Many companies spend far too much time and money on platforms that don’t match their business plan or target audience. Letting SharpSpring identify where your money is best spent is the key to making your marketing strategy as efficient as possible.


74% of companies say that CRM software improves their access to customer data

Every business can benefit from more information and clarity regarding their marketing approach. Utilizing advanced CRM technology to streamline your methods and produce greater results simply makes sense. Contact EXTEND GROUP today to get started using SharpSpring’s revolutionary software.

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