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The Value Of Social Media

The Value of Social Media

Social media is an incredibly valuable tool for businesses to engage with their audiences on a more personal level. Every business today needs a social media presence, and how it is managed will directly affect the way your company is perceived by the public.

Social media allows you to provide people with real-time information about your products and services, relevant industry news, or even just entertaining content. It can help you increase brand awareness and establish a popular online identity. With most mobile devices configured to receive instant notifications, savvy businesses have been handed a simple way to capture the attention of their target audience.

There are dozens of social media platforms in today’s online world but most businesses should try to focus on those with the most potential to work for their situation. There are 4 that stand out from the crowd based on their overall reach and effectiveness.

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We have perfected the art of social media engagement and specialize in using social media marketing tactics to drive sales for our clients. Contact us today and let EXTEND GROUP build a thriving social media presence for your business.

Why Social Media is so important


Facebook is the most widely used social media application for businesses around the globe. It has 2.4 billion monthly active users, and this number continues to grow.

Businesses on Facebook can create their own company pages that people can follow to gain information on event listings, product information, B2B networking and more. Simple to create and available to a massive audience, setting up a Facebook page for your business should be one of the first steps in any social media marketing strategy.


77% of Global 100 companies use Twitter, the king of trending hashtags. Particularly useful for updates, trends and breaking news, it is a great platform to use to increase your global reach. Different businesses take different approaches, from regular sharing and linking to providing periodic original content.


Still the social media platform of choice in the business world, LinkedIn benefits from a more serious reputation. It is a great way to highlight your professional expertise and to connect with other people and businesses in your industry. It is particularly effective for B2B marketing.


Instagram is mainly image-based, which sets it apart from the other social media giants. It is best used to showcase photos, videos and other forms of visual content. As with Twitter, hashtags can be strategically used to target specific audiences and promote online visibility. Instagram is the perfect vehicle for businesses with large galleries of visual content to share.

Having a current presence on these sites, as well as any of the smaller platforms that may fit your business allows you to boost your overall traffic. However, in order to maximize your conversion rates, you need to do more than simply be there; you need to properly optimize your brand and effectively market your products, which is where EXTEND GROUP comes in. Contact us today to get started


90.4% of Millennials are active social media users


54% of social media users browse social media to research products

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