Not-For-profit Expertise

Many not-for-profit organizations struggle to market their services due to the lack of capital they have to put towards marketing solutions. Which is why marketing for not-for-profit organizations requires the kind of special expertise that EXTEND GROUP can offer. It is important to share their mandate with the community while operating within the confines of a smaller budget than most for profit businesses.

EXTEND GROUP has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with not-for-profit marketing and can help you achieve your goals within your means.

Example: Vanderburgh County Crime Victim Resources is a platform that connects crime victims to various services offered by charities, agencies, and other related resources. The crucial services these agencies offered were often missed by victims who did not know of their existence or could not find the necessary information. The organization wisely chose to collaborate with EXTEND GROUP, and we took care of both of these problems by creating a hub for not-for-profit agencies to market their services, as well as allow users to search for them using keywords. Now, victims of crimes such as armed robbery, domestic abuse and sexual assault can easily seek the counselling they needed.

Since 2007, EXTEND GROUP has been helping not-for-profit organizations extend their reach within their communities. We are well-versed in the best techniques for promoting your cause and maximizing the overall effectiveness of your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization thrive.


There are several other industry tactics EXTEND GROUP uses to help your not-for-profit organization product results and improve its overall reach:

  • Promoting awareness of your mission and goals by creating a digital marketing presence, as well as using more traditional methods such as slogans, posters, newspaper ads, brochures, and pamphlets. Bringing awareness to your organization’s cause encourages members of the public to use your services.
  • Hosting events is another method in bringing awareness of your mission within the community. Many not-for-profits choose to host small community events such as bake sales, potlucks, and others as a means to promote their cause. 
  • Asking for donations is a great way for not-for-profits to gain some money to help further their cause. Depending on your mission and goals, many members of the public will leap at helping a just cause. We can help you with fundraising through your website and our consultation services. 

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