The creation of media-rich content is becoming essential for companies to remain competitive. Content marketing has become exceptionally important, but content itself is drifting towards a more dynamic, graphic, and media-rich format. Content marketing is the art of creating valuable content, and valuable content can be presented in any format. A comprehensive content marketing strategy that focuses on a variety of media needs to utilize a variety of platforms and target the appropriate demographics.

Creating a media-rich content marketing strategy.

The backbone of a content marketing strategy is written content: compelling articles that contain large volumes of information. Written content has some major benefits over other types of content: it’s easily searchable, can be accessed from anywhere and runs on any platform. However, video, audio, and images have also become incredibly popular, especially when shared through social media. For a truly comprehensive campaign, a company needs to take advantage of all of these media types.

Distributing video, audio, and images.

Video, audio, and images can easily be linked to and shared through social media, and this is where this form of content marketing strategy truly shines. Proper SEO techniques need to be used through the distribution of these forms of content because the content itself is not searchable; if the appropriate keywords are not given, the content will not be found. For this reason, a company may want to have overlap within their different types of media; a single topic may be covered through various platforms to ensure saturation, and videos and images may be linked directly to written documents to ensure that they are found.

Targeting demographics and platforms.

Specific platforms lend themselves more readily to different forms of media. Instagram, as an example, lends itself to images, as does Tumblr. Video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are ideal for video, and platforms such as Apple and Android offer a variety of opportunities for those that want to launch podcasts or other audio information. Other platforms, such as Facebook, are relatively open to all forms of media but may offer more challenges when actually distributing the media due to the over saturation of material available on it.

As bandwidth increases and companies become more competitive than other, video and other forms of media will become steadily more popular. However, videos, audio, and images have their own unique set of challenges that also need to be addressed. Companies that adopt a media-rich format early on will be able to distinguish themselves from their competitors and learn the intricacies of media-rich content marketing early on. For more information about how media factors into a content marketing strategy, contact us today.