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Automotive aftermarket companies play a vital role in the automotive industry. Consumers turn to these organizations for auto parts, accessories, equipment, installation, and various other forms of automotive-related services, yet few of these businesses employ a modern approach to marketing.

At EXTEND GROUP, we know how customers think and act, which is why our industry experts provide automotive aftermarket companies with the latest innovative tools and guidelines necessary to reach their clientele effectively. Our holistic marketing solutions have been helping automotive industry leaders reach their maximum potential since 2007.

EXTEND GROUP employs a wide range of tactical tools to help grow your business:

  • HOW2 proprietary eCatalog software designed and implemented within your website to increase online customer engagement, satisfaction, and overall brand recognition. Through proper integration of an eCatalog within your website, EXTEND GROUP allows you to provide users with vital information regarding the products and services offered by your company. Customers are able to easily search for parts based on make, model, year and VIN. We also provide full software training for our partners.
  • Native application development is catered to your mobile audience and is focused on increasing brand awareness and ROI. 
  • Our aftermarket consultation services help you choose a website domain name that will speak to consumers, promote your brand, and effectively communicate your products.
  • Our training videos, featuring an experienced, ASE-certified auto tech, shows professionals and DIYers how to successfully install your brand’s parts. These videos can be embedded into the mobile-friendly and responsive website we can build for you.
  • We can monitor all consumer interactions within your website or through eCommerce channels, enabling easy control of information such as brand perception, customer complaints, and reviews. The results are analyzed to clearly show you what is working and what is not.
  • Our brand recognition solutions focus on the three main aspects of inbound marketing – blogs, social media, and SEO-driven content. We specialize in designing a plan that will resonate with customers and promote long-term brand loyalty.
  • Our innovative 360° imagery gives customers a more detailed view of products while increasing their engagement and overall ease of use.

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EXTEND GROUP understands the steps needed to get your brand recognized by consumers and can offer the solutions that will help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today and our automotive aftermarket industry specialists will be happy to create a plan of action for your business.

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