EVANSVILLE, IN – MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2019 – EXTEND GROUP is thrilled to announce a new partnership with MontAd Media, an advanced, data-driven marketing company able to target consumers on a granular level. With MontAd’s technology, EXTEND GROUP will be able to deliver an even broader array of services to the automotive care industry.

EXTEND GROUP delivers comprehensive eCommerce solutions for automotive care companies, including social media management, mobile app development, web development, email marketing, and general brand development. With EXTEND GROUP, companies in the automotive services industry are able to quickly launch products on third-party marketplaces, such as Amazon, and are able to build their customer following quickly. Through MontAd’s technology, EXTEND GROUP will be able to offer valuable advertising targeting solutions to bring in more customers than ever before.

“MontAd Media’s Audience ID technology is the perfect fit to help accelerate sales of our clients’ eCommerce product offerings,” said Shawn Collins, Founder and CEO of EXTEND GROUP. “Audience ID gives us the ability to efficiently deliver ads to consumers as they research auto parts. It catches them at a crucial point in their purchase journey and fits well with our content and search engine marketing tactics.”

Customers are increasingly turning to eCommerce to find just about everything, from automotive parts to automotive services companies in their own area. EXTEND GROUP is able to help automotive services companies develop their brand and their niche, increasing their following and promoting greater levels of brand awareness. This will increase the value delivered to customers and the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

A data marketing company with a focus on auto care, MontAd Media uses artificial intelligence and data intelligence solutions to display ads to the customers who are most likely to be interested in specific products and services. This Audience ID platform will be a tremendous benefit to EXTEND GROUP’s existing and upcoming clientele. The Audience ID platform will provide marketing both to general automotive audiences and to more niche services. 

EXTEND GROUP and MontAd Media are uniquely well-suited towards a relationship with each other, and MontAd Media will be able to help accelerate the sales of the EXTEND GROUP clients. With additional product and service targeting, ads will be able to be delivered to customers who are already ready to commit, and the process will give valuable insights into audience behavior and targeting. 

EXTEND GROUP already employs many advanced search engine marketing tactics and online marketing strategies, but Audience ID will be a tremendous leap forward in audience development strategies. Audience ID audiences can be developed to target specific businesses. EXTEND GROUP will be able to connect these audiences with its clients to create an exceptionally powerful marketing solution. 

EXTEND GROUP and MontAd Media are already working together on a number of exciting projects that will provide value to the auto services industry. They are prepared to expand their services in the future.

To learn more about EXTEND GROUP, visit https://extendgroup.com.

To learn more about MontAd Media and Audience ID, visit https://autoaftermarketing.com.

For more information contact Shawn Collins at EXTEND GROUP at [email protected] or Al Haberstroh at MontAd Media at [email protected].