Virtual Toolkit sessions

Discover the simple visual tools that will give your organization compelling and common language for growth right at your fingertips.

Join our next toolkit sessions!

We are gathering attendees now for our next sessions starting October 2, 2023.  Monthly registration is $100 (discounts for non-profits). Reserve your seat now by paying for your first month and get billed for the following months after the first session! For additional information contact Shawn Collins by email or call (812) 760-1811. Interested in this training for your organization? Download the flyer.

Toolkit Sessions make it easy to intentionally lead others without losing focus on delivering what you’ve been called to do every day. 

GiANT uses simple visual tools to teach leadership to thousands of leaders all over the world. We’ve found that these simple, memorable, and teachable tools provide a framework that help individuals become leaders you want to follow, rather than leaders you have to follow.

With GiANT’s Toolkit Sessions, you can build these tools into your team in an interactive and practical way.

Each month you will gain access to leadership tools that will immediately impact your work and ability to collaborate! The monthly Zoom sessions provide everything you need to help grow in a low-prep way that won’t take away valuable time from your team’s everyday responsibilities.


The Typical Outcomes You Will Experience:

  • An increased level of ability to communicate effectively with everyone you lead
  • Become equipped to use common language to increase the relationships in your organization
  • Learn the appropriate time and situations to be both productive and present with those you lead
  • Develop and increased awareness in the tendencies that undermine a leader’s influence


Still not sure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a time with Shawn to see if this is right for you and/or your organization.

Program Details

Facilitated by:

Facilitated by:

Shawn Collins

Certified GiANT Worldwide Consultant & Founder of EXTEND GROUP

12 Virtual Sessions

What You Will Receive:

  • Access to all twelve (12) Zoom sessions
  • A GiANT OS Pro subscription for online training materials and bonus content
  • A PDF summary of all tools covered
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the series
Powered by GiANT

This program is developed by GiANT Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership transformation and empowerment. GiANT’s people development is scalable and built for everyone, not just CEOs and executives. They empower all people to be intentional in all their relationships, both professional and personal.

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