If your business has resisted the pull of mobile so far, you may be fighting a losing battle. Read on to learn our top three reasons why you need a mobile app.

  1. It’s a Mobile World

It’s a mobile world, and we’re all just living in it. People eat, sleep and play with their smartphones. In 2013, Americans accessed their smartphones an average of seven times a day. If you’re not using a mobile app, this means seven, and rising, missed chances to communicate with consumers.

Apps offer instant access and better functionality than websites; they circumvent Internet surfing, fussy URLs, and long load times while giving users access with one simple tap. They are also more visible than their alternatives: apps take center stage on the mobile desktop allowing your business and brand a unique and powerful presence.

  1. Only Connect

Apps don’t just offer a more convenient consumer experience, they offer a better one. The most successful apps deliver functionality that can’t be found on a website, such as automatically notifying users about product launches. Apps provide compelling and relevant information to consumers through push messages, promotions, and in-app loyalty programs. This not only adds value and boosts customer loyalty, but also drives sales through mobile orders. In fact, mobile devices account for well over half of online retail minutes, far surpassing desktop and laptop usage.

  1. A Leg Up

As of yet, not all businesses have their own apps, but that time is imminent. By investing in an app now, you don’t just get ahead of the competition; you position yourself to stay ahead. Today’s informed, tuned in consumers know what they want, mobile to be exact. Smart strategies give it to them. If most of your competitors already have mobile, you can distinguish your brand by custom building an app with uniquely appealing features.

Mobile apps don’t just offer a competitive edge; they do so at reduced price. Compared to traditional advertising methods and direct marketing, apps can be a more economical option.

Mobile apps are anything but a luxury in the 21st century marketplace. If you’re looking for ways to promote your brand, build consumer loyalty and outpace the competition, mobile apps offer unprecedented opportunities. Not all apps are created equally, nor are all marketing and promotion strategies. EXTEND GROUP has expertise in all things mobile marketing. Contact us today to get started.