In 2015, we saw the number of mobile-only internet users outgrow the number of desk top only users, along with an explosion of mobile device usage. The marketing departments of brands will have to keep up with that and make some serious adjustments to how they do things. 2016 will bring about some growth and changes in that area, very exciting. Is your brand ready to get on board with mobile marketing in 2016?

Mobile marketing will take a primary position in marketing campaigns.

With so many customers accessing the internet through their cell phones, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices – while they are out and about – businesses are going to have to adjust their marketing strategies to accommodate this shift. We will see more online coupons and deals as well as wifi in stores that allow shoppers to view information and coupons while browsing the aisles.

Sites that don’t have responsive web design will suffer – in more ways than one.

Back in April when Google introduced its new algorithm that boosted the search engine rankings of sites with mobile ready versions, many sites that were not yet on board suffered as their rankings fell. If they don’t get on board they will continue to suffer as customers grow increasingly reliant on their mobile devices and expect sites with responsive design. Those that don’t do it will be left in the dust.

Video will rule.

Yeah, that’s what they say every year – and every year video gets a little more prevalent. This coming year, though, will see some pretty significant advances. With video driven social media platforms like Vine and YouTube as well as video ads popping up on nearly every other social media site, it is pretty easy to see how video will soon rule the world. Look for quick video ads that are under 15 seconds on social media (Facebook and Twitter are already paving the way) and even in Google search results. Makes you wonder if people still read anymore.

Content will always be necessary.

Yes, people still read and good, relevant content will always be needed. Will a good portion of it be visual, of course, but there will still be a need for the written word. Look for the stakes to be upped though. Conventional marketing models will be cast aside as marketing evolves to meet our growing technology and hunger for visual content.

Brands can track customers and market to where they are.

OK, some brands are already doing this, but in the coming year it is going to get a lot more popular. As more wearable, or IoT (Internet of Things) devices emerge, companies will be able to tell where their customers are and will be able to send real time, targeted, location specific advertising, information, or coupons right to them.