For Immediate Release
August 29, 2022

Contact: Shawn Collins
[email protected]

Banterra Bank School of Business Lecture Series to Feature Global Leader in Transforming People, Organizations

Jeremie Kubicek to Appear in Featured Speaker Series

(Evansville, Ind.) EXTEND GROUP, Evansville-based consultants specializing in human and organizational development, announced today a partnership with Ivy Tech to bring Jeremie Kubicek to campus as a special guest in the College’s Featured Speaker Series.

“We are delighted to welcome Jeremie Kubicek,” says Chancellor Daniela Vidal, Ivy Tech Evansville.“Through our work with EXTEND GROUP, Ivy Tech is already a beneficiary of Kubicek’s philosophy, and we are excited to make his personal message available to our students and business professionals in the community.”

As Chairman of Giant Worldwide and CEO of Giant TV, Kubicek has built an international network of experts around bold, new thinking to attract and retain employees. He has made it his mission to provide the tools leaders can use to elevate people and transform their lives.

“In light of the last several years, I see that people are yearning for two specific things—hope and peace,” says Kubicek. “As leaders, we can’t give away something we don’t possess ourselves. I want to give people these practical tools, so they in turn can unlock the potential of people they lead.”

“This is a rare opportunity to hear an acknowledged master at crafting organizations everyone wants to work with,” says Shawn Collins, president of EXTEND GROUP and a Certified GiANT Consultant. “If you have a responsibility for leading others, I urge you to put this event on your calendar.”

Kubicek is scheduled to speak at 6 pm in the auditorium, followed by informal networking with attendees and a book signing. There is no cost for attendance, but seating is by reservation at: [url]

Those who cannot attend have two more chances to catch Kubicek in Evansville. On September 13 he joins @530 on Main, a podcast hosted by Collins along with Mike Davis, VPS Architecture (8 am). The event will stream live via Youtube and Facebook. Kubicek wraps up his trifecta on the dais of the Evansville Rotary Club (11:30 am).

“I’m excited to bring peace and hope to Evansville,” says Kubicek. “These tools will free your employees to find the fulfillment that every person deserves. I’ll show you how to use them.”

About EXTEND GROUP. While tradition holds that key performance indicators offer the best measure of an organization’s health, EXTEND GROUP is among a growing number of firms dissatisfied by the inability of traditional metrics to predict long-term success. In fact, an organization’s focus on KPIs too often comes at the expense of its people who endure long hours, burn out and, ultimately, abandon the mission. As an antidote, EXTEND GROUP provides a human-centric approach for ensuring an organization’s health over the long run: Retention = Attraction™. This system focuses on the well-being of individuals to create a culture where people commit whole-heartedly to the organization’s mission and draw others to it as well.

About Jeremie Kubicek. Jeremie’s background in business spans marketing, acquisitions, start-ups, and e-commerce. Following a miraculous recovery from an automobile accident (he was pronounced dead), Jeremie experienced a profound change in thinking that led him to a collaboration in the founding of GiANT Worldwide, “helping create organizations everyone wants to work for.” In 2007 he joined a group of investors in acquiring the John Maxwell entities. In 2013 he partnered with Steve Cockram on the expansion of GiANT Worldwide, whose tools and techniques are used by organizations in 15 countries. Find out more: