EVANSVILLE, IN – APRIL, 8, 2020 – EXTEND GROUP’s Shawn Collins has completed the 5 Voices Certification through GiANT Worldwide, a program designed to help individuals discover their leadership voice and be empowered to use it effectively. This process has enabled Collins to implement change within his own organization and optimize how efficiently his team operates. This transformational, holistic approach to culture and leadership development will expand outward to the organization’s clientele, where EXTEND GROUP will help other organizations expose their greatest marketing asset, their people.

“When I founded EXTEND GROUP in 2007, I didn’t realize that everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. GiANT and its 5 Voices platform has helped me and my team understand that everyone has a foundational leadership voice and a unique place within teams. For organizations to thrive, they must embrace and empower their most valuable asset, their people.”

Shawn Collins

Most organizations operate at 60% or less efficiency, and two out of every three employees are unengaged at work. 5 Voices gives Collins the ability to teach other organizations how to grow their roots, resulting in higher efficiencies and improved engagement.

With this switch in focus to scalable people development, Shawn Collins has partnered with Dan Frey of GiANT Worldwide to launch a unique leadership development program to help other companies gain clarity and growth. This program, called XTEND Leadership, is designed for participants to experience greater self-awareness, clear and effective communication, increased overall performance, and give teams a common dictionary where everyone has the chance to speak and be heard.

“One of the best things about 5 Voices is that it’s built on a foundation of sustainable tools. I am so excited to begin training teams in the Greater Evansville area on the 5 Voices. There’s no greater way to market a company than giving your team the tools they require to speak and be heard.”

Shawn Collins

“Traditionally developing yourself as a leader meant reading a book, listening to a podcast, taking a class or attending an event. These are great ways to gain perspective and elevate intentionality. However, if good intentions do not turn into effective behavior no one receives the value of the intention. The GiANT process does not stop at training or teaching. It leverages people, process and technology to empower effective execution. It can also scale to everyone inside an organization. “

Dan Frey, GiANT Worldwide Partner

To learn more about 5 Voices or to get involved with upcoming leadership training opportunities, contact Shawn Collins at [email protected] or 812-760-1811.

Based in Evansville, IN, EXTEND GROUP began in 2007 with a goal to make positive changes for automotive aftermarket manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement entities, and more. Their skilled professionals integrate holistic marketing strategies that are results-driven and tailored specifically to organizations and their customer base. For more information, please contact EXTEND GROUP at 1-855-306-8818 or [email protected].