Children of the 80s know all too well that video killed the radio star. While mobile marketing may not be quite ready to topple the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that is PC marketing, it is showing substantial gains as a recent ComScore whitepaper reveals that “Consumers significantly accelerated their use of mobile devices for both shopping and purchase activity” in 2015.

This doesn’t mean that mobile marketing is yet set to replace traditional e-commerce via PC platforms, but does represent a coming shift the savvy SMBs can’t afford to ignore. It will be like failing to create a website anytime in the last decade. Most people find it easy to understand why companies like Amazon would do well among the mobile marketing audience, but why should small and medium-sized businesses located on Main Street USA work hard to tap into the mobile market place?

Take Advantage of People who are Looking to Buy Now

The great thing about shopping online is that it lets people buy “now,” whenever now may be. This means they can make their purchases well outside your normal business hours. You can take care of the packaging and shipping when business commences.

People make impulse mobile purchased in the middle of the night, when thoughts come to them and keep them awake. It is far more convenient for them to make these purchases on mobile devices than to get out of bed and trudge to their computers. If you don’t have a mobile presence, your business will miss out on the potential sale.

Create Mobile Apps to Engage Your Local Audience

The ComScore whitepaper also tells us that mobile apps account for 50 percent of time spent on digital media. Businesses that create apps are more likely to have an engaged and enthusiastic audience of buyers. This means great things for your business.

Your app can be a useful marketing tool for your business as well. Use the app to let existing customers know about sales, discounts, and services available to them. Remind them about seasonal purchases and keep them apprised of upcoming holidays you can help prepare them for.

Build Your Brand Locally

One thing that is great about mobile marketing is that you can target your business geographically. This allows you to target people “in the neighborhood” who need the products or services you provide. Why does this matter? If people see that you’re close by, they just may drop in. Even if they mobile users don’t make the purchase online, your mobile presence is ultimately responsible for the sale.

Don’t make the mistakes so many small businesses made a decade or so ago by believing they didn’t need an Internet presence. Most of those same businesses are playing a fast game of catch up now. Poise your business for future growth by building a mobile presence today that will place you ahead of your competition and ready for business from a rapidly growing mobile audience.