A Process for Organizations to Grow Their Teams. Workshops Begin January.

[EVANSVILLE, IND.] EXTEND GROUP Inc., an Evansville, Indiana-based firm specializing in leadership development for organizations and individuals, today announced the formal launch of Retention = Attraction™. The initiative answers a critical dilemma for business leaders: how to keep the people they have while recruiting the people they need.

“We are living in an unprecedented time for the American workforce,” says Shawn Collins, EXTEND GROUP founder and certified consultant of GiANT Worldwide. “For too many organizations, it’s a time of great resignation—short staffing, burnout, and high turnover. But it doesn’t have to be.

The first light in a new day—if a business seizes it. 

“EXTEND GROUP is invested in the Invincible Operating System of GIANT Worldwide because it works,” says Collins. “With this system, any organization can create a culture for people to thrive. Any company can become a place where people want to work, a place where they can truly feel like they are the company’s most valuable asset, and achieve a shared vision for success. All it takes is a commitment to the process.”

Are you ready to “draw the future”?

Collins says the process for cultural transformation begins with an in-depth assessment. The findings determine the course of action. Although each individual’s journey through the process is unique, much of the learning is foundational for everyone. EXTEND GROUP has scheduled three of these workshops to begin in January. For those intent on a cultural transformation for their organizations in 2022, says Collins, now is the time to reserve a place at the table.

“I urge leaders who are struggling to grow their organizations to take the first step,” says Collins. “The hard work of developing the system and proving it is past. Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits—to transform your culture, enrich the lives of its people, and achieve the success you will rightfully earn. Let us help you get there.”

Three leadership training programs for individuals and groups will begin in January. They are now open for enrollment.

The most in-depth and transformational program available today is the 5 Voices Workshop, a five-part in-person series with group discussions and discovery. This series teaches individuals and teams about the five foundational leadership voices and helps them discover which of the five are their most natural voice. Achieving a more profound level of self-awareness and understanding what it’s like to be on the other end of your voice gives 5 Voices Workshop participants the ability to communicate more effectively and improve performance.

The Sherpa Training series for leaders and managers will also launch in 2022.

“I encourage any leader who wants to grow in 2022 and transform their team to join my Sherpa leadership group,” says Collins. “We will meet weekly to learn proven leadership tools that are being used all over the world to transform people and teams.”

The third program to launch in 2022 is the GiANT Toolkit Sessions. This virtual series gives leaders access to proven tools that can immediately impact their work and ability to collaborate. This series is best for anyone with a tight schedule where participants can join from anywhere and tune in to missed meetings at their own convenience.

To know more about the upcoming workshops and how to secure a place in them, go to extendleader.com.


Based in Evansville, IN, EXTEND GROUP began in 2007 with a goal to make positive changes for automotive aftermarket manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement entities, and more. Their skilled professionals integrate holistic marketing strategies that are results-driven and tailored specifically to organizations and their customer base. For more information, please contact EXTEND GROUP at 1-855-306-8818 or [email protected].






5 Voices System

Experience the power of the 5 Leadership Voices. In this series of interactive workshops, you will discover your foundational voice, learn how to communicate with the other voices in the room, and improve performance.


Toolkit Sessions

Discover the simple visual tools that will give your organization compelling and common language for growth right at your fingertips. Join my monthly virtual training to gain access to these leadership tools that will immediately impact your work and ability to collaborate. 


Sherpa Training

Join one of our Leadership Groups to learn how to use proven leadership tools that are being used all over the world to transform people and teams. We will meet monthly for breakfast and embark on this leadership journey together.