EVANSVILLE, IN – SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 – EXTEND GROUP’s Founder and CEO, Shawn Collins, recently completed the 100X Certification Program through GiANT Worldwide. This certification teaches high-level consulting and coaching skills, giving leaders the tools to build healthier cultures within their organizations, improve team performance, and teach others how to lead and grow more efficiently.

“Completing the 100X Leader Certification through GiANT is a game-changer for me as a Liberator for myself, my family, EXTEND GROUP, our clients, and our community”, said Collins. “A Liberator fights for the highest possible good for those they lead.”

When asked why 100X Leader now, Collins responded, “Marketing, to me, is in a period where everyone is chasing the next tactic. Everyone is chasing the next silver bullet that’s going to save their business today. For far too long, tactics and the bottom line have outweighed organizations’ health and culture. A healthy culture is greater than any strategy.”

To earn this certification, Collins needed to master the 100X System. This certification was achieved through intensive training, instructional workshops, and the successful passing of all course assessments.

“The 100X Leader platform exists to establish and multiply 100% healthy leaders through simple, scalable, people development,” said Collins. “Organizations with no strategy for developing leaders have disengaged employees, a toxic culture, high turnover, misaligned teams, missed business opportunities, wasted time and money resources, low performance from their leaders and groups, and who wants to market that? People are what make a product or service great. Let’s be a change agent for them.”

As a GiANT Guide previously certified in 5 Voices and now 100X Leader, Collins can provide his clients with even more tools and insight into effective leadership and communication. His expertise in 100X gives him the ability to expand his existing leadership and culture development program, called XTEND Leadership, and teach others about the 100X System.

To request more information on 100X Leader and learn how to take part in upcoming leadership training opportunities, contact Shawn Collins at [email protected].

Based in Evansville, IN, EXTEND GROUP began in 2007 with a goal to make positive changes for automotive aftermarket manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement entities, and more. Their skilled professionals integrate holistic marketing strategies that are results-driven and tailored specifically to organizations and their customer base. For more information, please contact EXTEND GROUP at 1-855-306-8818 or [email protected].