Branding is just as important for a sheriff and county as it is for businesses today. Sheriffs, too, must devote a fair amount of time, attention, and resources to building a brand their community will not only respond to, but also trust. The trick, for a sheriff’s office, is figuring out where to begin. That’s where EXTEND GROUP can help.

The odds are good that you don’t have your own “think tank” that can sit around and brainstorm ideas to help your office. Even if you do have staff members that aren’t fully utilized doing other important office tasks throughout the day, they aren’t trained to help you build your community brand. We are.

Just as you’d go to an electrician to repair electrical problems for you, it’s important to trust something as important as your community brand to people who understand your industry and what it takes to create that brand.

Here’s how we can help you create a brand with broad appeal to your county and constituents:

  • Responsive Website:  Your community members need a place to find the information they need that is easily accessible and easy to navigate. Your website needs to be responsive, which means it will display legibly across smart phones, tablets, as well as desktops. Having information readily accessible cuts down on phone calls and walk-ins to your office. Users can submit requests for reports online as well as easily submit tips online. The best part of your new website is that it is offered as Software-as-a-Service, which means paying for your website monthly, rather than in one lump sum, while continuously receiving necessary updates for the term.
  • Social Media Integration:  Social media is gaining ground as a major field for connecting — especially among millennials. The ability to post to Facebook and Twitter directly from your website when adding content is a great asset. Those social posts contain links that continue to bring your connections back to your website. We can help you take your office to the place it’s most likely to be noticed by the specific people your organization targets.