Many small businesses understand the concept of what a brand is and what it means for large corporations. However, they often overlook the importance of identifying and promoting a brand for themselves. You may even be wondering what the big deal is and why you should even bother with branding.

Yesterday in the World of Business

Once upon a time, small businesses gained a lot of business by default. You were able to drum up a good deal of business simply by virtue of being the only office supply or shoe repair store in town. People would turn to your business for these services rather than drive great distances to get them elsewhere.

Then the big box stores came along and small businesses in cities all around the world were forced to find a new way of making their presence felt in communities. They had to adapt on the local scale by increasing advertising and offering customer service options the big box stores could not.

A New Day is Dawning for Small Businesses

Today, the Internet has turned small businesses on their heels once more by making the local marketplace global. Without a strong brand to set your business apart and get recognition at home and on the World Wide Web, you’re going to face an increasingly difficult time getting the notice your small business needs in order to compete, more importantly, to succeed.

The great news for you, as a small business owner, is that the prevalence of the Internet in today’s marketing has leveled the playing field, to some degree, when it comes to building brands and making your presence known. Movies are getting “crowd funded” and new companies are cropping up all the time only to dominate in their areas. Things that were not possible a short while ago suddenly are, because branding is faster and more sophisticated than ever before.


EXTEND GROUP will help you identify your target audience. When you’re working to build your brand, the most important part of the process is customizing that brand to appeal to the audience you’re most interested in attracting.

Once you’ve identified that market, we’ll help you find your little corner of the market. You know, the thing about your business that makes you unique, you know, whatever it is about your business that makes you stand out among your competitors. Then, we’ll help you develop your brand within that niche and create a campaign to reinforce the brand you’re working to build.

Proper branding increases customer recognition, shapes customer expectations, and builds customer trust. From idea to implementation and all points between, we’re here to help your business build the brand it needs to succeed in today’s marketplace that’s already crowded and growing by the day.