In today’s increasingly eCommerce-focused economy, you need to be selling your automotive parts online. According to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association 2019 Quarter One Market Share Report, the brick and mortar parts retailers, including dealerships, continue to see a steady downturn in overall sales compared to dedicated online outlets such as Amazon and those operations that have combined their online and physical stores. However, in order for you to capture more of that DFIM and DIY market, your automotive product pages and eCommerce site must deliver all the information your shopper is seeking in one quick click.

Pictures Set the Stage

Perhaps a set of brake pads is not all that pretty, but your customer needs to see exactly what is in the box before clicking the buy button. Product pictures must be high-resolution and focus only on the part that is being sold. Use a solid white background or, if including a human model, focus on their hands. A second snap of OEM packaging assures the buyer that it is genuine.

Hard Data for Your Savvy Searcher

Whether you are selling to a DIYer or a local repair shop, they must be able to find the compatible part number and clear part description. While adding searchable keywords to the title may improve initial visits to the page, they can create confusion while your shopper is seeking a specific part. Keep the title short and simple. In the description, make sure to include whether it is an aftermarket replacement part or an OEM item. Provide an easy reference tab for compatible makes and models.

Focusing on Function

Every part in every vehicle serves a purpose, i.e. the bolt secures the bracket that holds the filter that delivers clean air for improved performance. Including a brief summary of the function of the part delivers needed information to the new DIY shopper. Since they found all the information they require in one easy spot, they are more likely to click through to the purchase page.

Providing Important Links to Seal the Deal

Your potential customer has located the right part on your automotive product page. They know what purpose it serves under the hood. Now they need to know how to install the replacement part. Expanding the additional information section of the product page to include how-to videos, links to user guides, and highlight additional products that are commonly purchased with their part all help to keep the consumer on your site. The more information you can deliver, the greater confidence they will have in your products and services leading to the all-important sale.

Easy Access to Your Solution Center

Even if your product page is perfectly constructed with all the vital information, you still need an expert behind the scenes that is available to your customer. The combinations of automotive makes, models, and the parts that keep them running literally run into the millions. It is not uncommon for even a seasoned technician to need some assistance in locating the right o-ring, bolt, gasket, or bumper for their application. Adding a chat button for immediate assistance can help keep your shopper in your online store, instead of heading out to their brick and mortar alternative. In order for your online automotive parts store to succeed, its design and content must rise above the competition. Working with us at EXTEND GROUP will bring the marketing savvy and attention to detail required to grab your shopper’s attention and convert them into loyal customers.