Branding an emerging company or rebranding an existing company successfully does not solely rely on sudden bursts of inspiration or impulsively implemented ideas that have not been scrupulously examined. When branded unprofessionally and inaccurately, emerging or existing companies will ultimately suffer irreparable harm to their ability to transcend similar companies in competition with them.

Priorities may be tossed into a heap and randomly chosen during the often chaotic–and expensive–startup of a small business. Although remaining within a budget is always a top priority of any fledgling company or struggling business, brand development, establishing logos and taglines and creating memorable visual components that people will immediately associate with your product or service.

Professional marketing entities specialize in state-of-the-art brand development that promises consumers a satisfying and authentic experience with the service or product that business offers. Essentially, branding a company is more of a science than an art because it involves analytical, often quantitative investigations regarding the psychology of targeted consumers and the strength of the existing competition. Additional concepts requiring integration into the development of your brand include current trends driving the direction of your company’s industry, projected trends as presented by industry experts and the relevance of your branding strategy to the actual intention of your product.

Great Logos Plus Great Taglines Equal an Unforgettable Brand

A logo’s design needs to be uncluttered, balanced and bold without appearing repetitive or forced. Consumer psychology research has discovered that people spend less than one second looking at a logo before deciding it is worth remembering. Additionally, logos that attempt to “make a statement” which are incongruous with what your company is offering will be quickly dismissed by consumers who are inundated daily with bizarrely complex and irrelevant logos.

Taglines are those remarkably simple yet memorable phrases composed of less than 10 words that can sear an indelible brand name on a business’s face for the rest of its days. Taglines such as Wendy’s “where’s the beef?”, Calgon’s “take me away” or Lucky Charms “magically delicious” remain as part of pop culture’s most memorable taglines capable of immediately identifying a company’s brand and product.

Although brand development, logos and taglines seem like simple, effortlessly created catchphrases, they evolved deliberately and scientifically among the minds of advertising and marketing experts who synthesize principles of human psychology, consumerism, pop culture and postmodern perspectives to establish companies as the giants in their industry.