This is in-the-bay and online, high-level technician training.  This will NOT be a sales pitchAt EXTEND GROUP, we saw the need and the opportunity. With 30% of today’s technicians over the age of 45, now is the optimum time to provide category training to tomorrow’s technicians; those currently enrolled in colleges and technical schools. What’s more, 30% of technicians who are 45 or older work within an independent repair facility, which means they don’t have access to OE training. We provide professional installer training at convenient, accessible event locations. Who benefits from the classes? New technicians learning the business; seasoned technicians wanting refreshers, and all technicians interested in diagnostic and installation advances. And we handle all the logistics for the half-day events, including courses that challenge and educate attendees, course documentation, plus access to technician level T.A online training, and job boards.

As a provider of quality aftermarket parts your reputation hinges on the successful installation of the products that are recommended to the technician you serve. Technician.Academy understands that the trust you have built up with your customer has been earned over time. Sponsored training shows your customer that you are committed to them and their business. The sponsored training provided at Technician.Academy will reduce returns due to improper installation.

Today’s technician is a member of the most tech-savvy generation in history. Interestingly, the technician is also extremely loyal. However, that loyalty must be earned. One of the most important ways Technician.Academy will procure respect for the products represented in each category is through category-specific, pro-to-pro, online and in-the-bay training provided by seasoned technicians with real-life experience in the auto bay. Your commitment to training will show both today’s and tomorrow’s technician that you are committed to their on going success. Technician.Academy will begin to build a deeper level of consumer loyalty, to your products. You as a manufacturer or distributor can be a part of this exciting initiative. Contact us for details.