Our Race to the Top is not a matter of myopically gunning it to reach the summit first. As we make our way, our navigation strategy includes constantly surveying the Aftermarket terrain. And we see plenty of positives. But in an industry noted for its implementation of ACES and PIES standardization processes, we were dismayed by the absence of any consistent hashtags that would lead our Aftermarket professionals to reliable sources of crucial information.

So, we did what we always do: we did something about it. Taking the lead by taking action is how EXTEND GROUP earns, and re-earns, its distinction as Industry Innovator.

We are Setting an Industry Standard and Building a Community

We’ve created two simple hashtags that deliver a world of support to our Aftermarket Community. Just two hashtags that ignite community-building through information-sharing. And they are:

  • For Training that applies to automotive parts, installations, continued education and certification for automotive technicians, improving customer relations, and more, use: #AutoEd
  • For a library of expert, automotive-centric Content, use: #AutoComm

Here’s an abbreviated recap:

  • Training & Education use: #AutoEd
  • Content, use: #AutoComm

#AutoEd, #AutoComm: The Push is On

We’re getting the word out about the new standard in standardization. You’ll see it in the press; via social media pushes, and shares from colleagues. You’ll hear about it at industry events; you’ll see it everywhere, and you’ll use it every day.

Want Your Content Published?

You’re an Automotive Aftermarket professional with useful information to share. Send your tips and insights our way—excellent submissions will be featured on social media or on our website. Email us: [email protected]