You may have heard the whispers on the edge of Internet marketing circles proclaiming email marketing is ready to be put out to pasture. Don’t buy it for a minute. At least not according to Forbes who believes that email marketing is alive and well, even utterly necessary. But it is evolving. If you want to make the most of your email marketing efforts, your process needs to keep up with this email marketing evolution.

How is Email Marketing Changing in 2019?

Email marketing is changing in a few exciting and really big ways as 2019 gets into full swing. Recent years have seen greater interests in developing more personal connections with audiences. This will continue and grow in importance throughout 2019. In other words, it’s time to get real with your audience.

Videos are also carrying greater importance within your email marketing as is interactivity. Fortunately for you, we can expect more seamless inclusion of video in email content than we’ve experienced in years past.

Also in 2019, look for customers to expect an experience that’s more about them and their needs than your attempts to sell products. Be authentic when dealing with customers and show them why they want or need your products. When investing in automation tools for your email marketing, make sure to view these tools from the customer’s point of view without sacrificing the authenticity that makes your customers feel like you genuinely care about them.

Finally, it’s time to go BIG on privacy. Why? Because it’s something that’s weighing heavily on your customers’ minds. Don’t betray their trust by sharing the information they’ve given you with others. They’ve already been betrayed by big brands in the tech space. Don’t risk the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build with a betrayal of trust. Reward it by safeguarding their privacy and they will remain loyal to you.

Creating Better Content for Email Marketing in 2019

The shift to more personal interactions with your email audience needs to be front and center in all your 2019 emails. This means you need to be engaging and authentic and use solid storytelling skills to make your message clear.

Utilize technology, like blockchain with end-to-end encryption for greater privacy protection and make your emails more engaging and interactive. This might involve little more than including funny videos designed to go viral or it might involve a puzzle you invite your audience to solve for prizes, discounts, and/or plain and simple glory and acknowledgement. Either way, the key is to engage your audience so they will keep coming back to open your emails day after day and week after week.

Email marketing is here to stay. After all, what better way is there for you to get invited to the homes of thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people every day? The key is for you to find new ways to keep up so that your email marketing strategies remain relevant in 2019 and beyond.