The Benefits of Content Marketing

Are you underestimating your consumers? If you’re still creating sales pitch after sales pitch instead of delivering meaningful content, you are missing out on a major opportunity. Today’s smart consumers demand information and insights. EXTEND GROUP delivers results.

EXTEND GROUP creates customized and dynamic content marketing plans designed to:

  • Disperse information
  • Increase search result visibility
  • Generate new leads
  • Build existing consumer relationships
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Drive sales

Just how effective is content marketing? Companies that employ content marketing reap website conversion rates nearly 600 percent greater than those that do not. What would a 600 percent increase in conversation rates do for your business? EXTEND GROUP can help you find out.

Our expert marketing team will devise a content marketing package designed to meet your specific business needs. From blogs to videos to social media, these integrated techniques engage consumers while promoting brand awareness and loyalty through increased transparency — the foundation for mutually beneficial relationships.

There’s no better way to position your brand as an industry leader than by creating and sharing quality branded content. Every piece of quality content represents a unique opportunity to share your vision. Conversely, inferior content media has the opposite effect. At EXTEND GROUP, we can help you recognize the difference and create consistently positive buzz-worthy content.

Content marketing also represents a unique learning opportunity: by tracking consumer responses, you can determine what’s important to them and respond in a meaningful way. The best way to serve your client base is to understand them, and content marketing provides a direct window into this understanding. In fact, the majority of consumers report that they prefer content which is tailored to their interests. EXTEND GROUP can help you skip the generic sales speak and instead add value.

Yet another reason to enlist the expertise of EXTEND GROUP? Of the 92 percent of companies that report producing valuable content, only 54 percent rate the execution of these efforts as effective. EXTEND GROUP can help bridge this gap through the creation and implementation of targeted content marketing strategies.