There has never been a better time for buyers and sellers of automotive parts to take advantage of the Amazon-powered aftermarket. Product listings for a wide spectrum of automotive components, accessories, and OEM parts are readily available. The accessibility of Amazon listings gives customers the parts and supplies they need, when they need them.

2018 Market Share Percentages

According to a recent study conducted by AASA and prepared by Evercore/ISI, there were over seven major players vying for market share in aftermarket automotive parts. This market is estimated to be worth $130B in 2019, making it a highly competitive playing field. Amazon has captured 4 percent of this market as of 2018 and is expected to grow its share in the coming years and decades. Amazon’s increasing significance is changing the dynamics of the aftermarket automotive parts landscape.

Major players’ market share percentages:

  • AutoZone: 8 percent
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts: 8 percent
  • Walmart: 5 percent
  • Napa Auto Parts: 5 percent
  • Amazon: 4 percent

Historical Market Share

Top competitors for market share in automotive parts have seen varied results since 2000. Major players such as AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Walmart have experienced percentage increases, while Genuine Parts Company results have been flat and slightly declining. Amazon rose from near zero market share in the early 2000s to 4 percent share in 2018. Amazon’s projected market share growth is forecasted to be 8 percent or more by 2025.

Do It Yourself Market Share

When it comes to DIY projects and parts, Amazon has a larger market share relative to the total aftermarket automotive parts landscape. This market is estimated to be worth $47B in 2019, and Amazon has approximately 9 percent of the total market share. Other major players in the DIY market include AutoZone at 18 percent, Walmart at 15 percent and O’Reilly Auto Parts at 13 percent. Amazon is driving competition among DIY suppliers by providing one of the most convenient and accessible supply channels for parts. The internet is changing the dynamics for sourcing aftermarket automotive parts.

Do It For Me Market Share

More shops than ever are sourcing their parts online, and with same-day delivery available, this will only speed up the transition. Here are just a few of the advantages shops have when purchasing online:

  • Prime return programs
  • Bundle / Kit programs
  • Subscriptions to refill inventory
  • Business pricing

Amazon provides easy access to aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, giving merchants and customers an efficient and effective channel to source products. Tapping this market is as simple as leveraging the Amazon product listings and storefronts. We can help you sell your automotive products in this forum and tap the power of this marketplace. Contact us today to get started.