A new trend is beginning in e-retail, customers who only shop using their mobile devices. According to a December 2013 study that comScore Inc. conducted, exactly 33.3 percent of the online shoppers at 10 of the top retailers’ sites and apps shopped solely on their mobile devices. comScore Inc. is a web and mobile measurement firm.

Retailers Need to Create Mobile-Optimized Sites

This finding puts constant pressure on retailers to create strong mobile commerce sites and apps. These shoppers use their tablets and smartphones to make all their purchases. Andrew Lipsman is the vice president of marketing and insights at comScore Inc. he states that retailers should optimize their sites for mobile shoppers. Lipsman continues stating that whether it is a mobile commerce website or a responsive design site it must be done today; otherwise, merchants will not be able to convert an enormous number of their online customers who only shop using their mobile devices. When a merchant creates mobile-optimized apps and sites, the mobile customer needs access to everything that is available on the desktop site.

Consumers are Changing Their Online Behavior

Lipsman states that even though tablets and smartphones have been available for years, this past year consumers have changed their online behavior. Lipsman credits this change to better mobile shopping experiences, quicker wireless data speeds and an improvement in mobile connectivity. Today browsing on a mobile device is almost as efficient as browsing on a PC; the only major difference is the smaller screen.

Four of the Top Retailers

1. Amazon

The number one online shopping destination is Amazon.com Inc. The site has almost 180 million unique visitors every month. According to comScore, 29 percent of those visitors shop solely with their mobile devices.

2. Target Corp

Target Corp comes in at number four in reference to online shopping destinations. Target Corp. has 66 million unique visitors monthly. comScore states that 43 percent of those visitors only shop with their mobile devices. Two-thirds of Target’s customers own a smartphone. According to the company, over the 2013 Thanksgiving into Cyber Monday weekend, 50 percent of Target’s digital traffic came from mobile devices.

3. Groupon

When ranked by the percentage of unique mobile visitors every month, Groupon is number one. More than 70 percent of Groupon’s customers in December 2013 shopped only using their mobile devices.

In North America, September 2013, over half of the transactions at Groupon occurred via mobile devices. Groupon states that the mobile customers in North America are more engaged than the company’s web-only consumers are. Groupon’s mobile customers make purchases frequently and spend more. Groupon’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 60 million times, worldwide.

4. RetailMeNot

Nearly 70 percent of the visitors to the RetailMeNot site only used their mobile devices to shop.

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