The growth opportunities for your business when you launch an Amazon Storefront are exciting, but having the right strategy is key for leveraging the platform to the fullest. Amazon 1P or 3P merchants can use this free service, which comes with pre-formatted layouts, to create a dedicated online store for their Amazon listings. Below are the best practices for optimizing your storefront and increasing sales activity.

Select the Right Template

You have multiple options for building your product pages, giving you the flexibility to highlight best-sellers or display a large number of products on a single page. The options you have include the Marquee, Highlight, Product Grid, and Blank pages. The Marquee page is ideal for including multiple large images on a single page, along with detailed information about those select products. In contrast, the Highlight page makes one product the focus of attention with images, video, and text.

The Product Grid page is ideal for displaying a catalog of products, and the Blank page gives you the flexibility to customize product listings based on your own style. Knowing the right format to use based on your products and the viewing habits of your customers is important. We have the experience and knowhow to help you with page design, giving you the most effective storefront possible.

Include Copy and Quotes

Including product descriptions, customer quotes and other descriptive content with listings will add substance to your storefront and make it more compelling. For example, you can add a curated product display with room for customer testimonials, quotes, and product specifications that gives customers valuable insight into your products. Inserting keywords into this content adds further value to your storefront and its ranking in search engine results.

Curate Product Listings

When creating a storefront, it can be advantageous to group product offerings that appeal to your target market. For example, you can group air filters that vary based on different attributes, such as price, performance, and durability. You can also list air filters with related products, such as bearings, sensors, and wheels. Curating a targeted storefront and maintaining listings based on the needs of customers is an effective methodology for success.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Drawing attention to your Amazon storefront is critical for making it a success. As a result, creating a detailed marketing strategy is a priority. This marketing plan needs to include a content marketing strategy that outlines the type of content and platforms you’ll use to market your products. You will have to determine how to use search engine optimization, keywords, graphics, and video to create traffic to your storefront.

Tips for improving your marketing:

  • Promote your store on social media
  • Include store URL in advertising outside of Amazon
  • Utilize headline search ads to spark interest
  • Create an attractive homepage with a strong logo

When launching your Amazon storefront, these best practices can propel your business to heightened success. Given the competitive and crowded eCommerce landscape, having a plan for capturing your target market is essential. Let us help you leverage an Amazon storefront to its fullest starting today.