Your domain name is of vital importance to your business. Careful thought needs to go into it to ensure the best name for your needs — both now and into the future, as well. While it’s not impossible to change domain names once they are chosen — and it has gotten easier to do so — it can be a difficult transition to start over once you’ve begun to establish yourself with one. Here’s what you need to think about when you’re considering a domain name.

Who is Your Audience?

Your audience is those most likely to need your services and/or products. Knowing how they think, and in which way they are likely to search for your business, will provide you with clues as to a good domain name. For a more niche area, it is probably pretty easy to figure out a domain name that makes sense for your business and reflects its purpose. If your business belongs to a broader area, though, it might be difficult to find a domain name that hasn’t already been claimed.

Easy to Remember

You want your domain name to be something that is easy for your audience to remember. This is possible even if you want to put a generic keyword in it like candies. For example, if your name is Melody and you own a small candy shop, “melodyscandies” is memorable, distinctive and still contains a keyword you want to target.

Choose a .Com Name

While there are other choices besides .com domain names, this long-running option is still the one that is most often plugged into the search engines. One of the problems with using a .com domain name, though, is that they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. This explains the branching out of other domain names. However, most consumers simply are not utilizing these other options when it comes to searching for what they need. Deciding on a domain name is a choice that is often fraught with more questions than answers. Crafting an informative and memorable web presence for their customers, one that utilizes an innovative marketing approach to get attention is part of what a marketing firm does.

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