Are you staring at your blog wondering what you should post about today? You know that having a regularly updated blog is an important way to boost traffic to your website and keep in touch with your customers. However, after a while, it can become exhausting to think about writing another blog post—plus that blank white page is overwhelming. These five “types” of blog posts are an excellent way to get past your writer’s block and bring something new to your blog.

  • Interview – Think about some of the people in your office, building or that you communicate on a regular basis. Do any of them have anything interesting they could share with your blog readers? Interviewing someone important within your industry can be an excellent way to fill a blog. Not only is it useful to your readers, it can help you reinforce your connections to others that may help your business in the future.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – What questions are you regularly asked in regards to your business? Are there a few that seem to come up again and again? Turn these inquiries into a blog post. Turn one question into a post or use several smaller ones to fill the page.
  • Top 10 (or 5) List – A list format post is a very easy way to share information. This is especially useful if you have something you can share in tip format. You can disperse beneficial information to your readers in an easy to digest blog post.
  • Photo Post – Remember, a picture is world a thousand words. Start with a photo or two and see where it takes you. Photo posts are an outstanding way to show off a new product or to give your readers a look at the personal side of your business. Don’t be afraid to smile and say cheese!
  • Industry Humor – Think about popular Facebook pages and blogs. Many of these seldom publish more than a few lines of text, these posts simply consist of a funny joke, comic or image. Take a page from this book of thought and post some industry-related humor. You can follow up with a few lines of content to get your readers thinking—if you like.

As a small business owner and a blogger, it can be time consuming and overwhelming to try to keep up with the work all by yourself. If you have questions or just want someone on your side, contact us at EXTEND GROUP and let us work with you!