If you’ve been marketing online for very long, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King,” numerous times. In the past, the phrase referred to the importance of having a website filled with informative written content. Over time, the Internet has gotten faster, and content has evolved to include images, audio, and now video. But one thing remains consistent: The need for quality content. These are several reasons why content is more important than you may realize.

Quality Content Lends Credibility

The World Wide Web has made the world a much smaller place. Once upon a time, you only needed to compete with local businesses. Today, you’re competing with businesses from around the world, and you need to make yourself, and your business, seem like authorities in your industry. Good content helps achieve that.

Make sure, though, that your content is informative, easy to read, and easy to comprehend among readers who know they need your products or services, but may not be well versed in your industry. This helps paint your business as an industry leader, while educating your customers about what you have to offer.

Add a Personal Touch

The Internet has a tendency to eliminate the personal element for many businesses. That doesn’t mean online customers no longer crave the personal touch. This is especially true for small, local businesses interested in creating a web presence. You could, for example, use video of your staff going about their day.

Show your audience what it’s like doing business with you, and that you are committed to providing outstanding customer service. Local customers will show their appreciation by giving you their business.

You can also use images and audio to offer personal messages to your audience. This adds another element of personalization to help you appeal to a broader range of customers.

Helps You Rank in SERPs

The Search Engine Results Page rankings are critical for the success of your website. The higher your site ranks in the results, the more traffic you’ll receive. Traffic translates to business, so it is critical. And your content is what makes that happen. In fact, it’s the only thing that gets consistent rewards from the search engines, but only if your content adds value for their users.

You have to do a little more than simply add great content, though that is certainly a great start. You also have to make content that’s appealing to search engines. The search engines prefer different things in their content than readers do, so it’s important to offer content that appeals to both Internet surfers, and the search engines alike.

It’s a delicate balance that can be frustrating for those who are in business in most other industries. That is why it is wise to consider getting help for the creation of outstanding content that appeals to all parties involved. You wouldn’t call a plumber to fix your wiring. You want an electrician to handle the work for you. Keep that in mind and trust an expert in Internet marketing to handle your content needs so your website content can truly reign supreme.