For Immediate Release
August 31, 2023

Contact: Shawn Collins
[email protected]

EXTEND GROUP Revitalizes Automotive Technician and DIY Enthusiasts Websites

(Evansville, Ind.) The EXTEND GROUP is thrilled to announce the relaunch of a series of cutting-edge websites, tailored to serve the needs of automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts. At the forefront of this revitalization effort is “Auto Parts U,” a comprehensive platform designed to empower professionals and hobbyists alike with essential resources, tips, reviews, and engaging content.

As part of the relaunch, EXTEND GROUP has unveiled its ambitious roadmap: a monthly rollout of specialized websites catering to distinct sectors of the automotive maintenance landscape- resulting in hundreds of online entities. These platforms will provide invaluable insights, step-by-step guides, and industry expertise to individuals seeking to enhance their automotive knowledge and skills.

“Auto Parts U” serves as the flagship website, embodying the core values of the EXTEND GROUP’s commitment to quality, innovation, and education. This platform represents an all-encompassing hub where visitors can access a treasure trove of information, ranging from insightful blog posts to comprehensive product reviews.

Each newly launched website will delve deep into a specific facet of automotive maintenance, catering to the diverse interests and needs of professionals and enthusiasts. From engine diagnostics to brake system maintenance, each sector will be comprehensively explored to equip users with the know-how they require.

“We’re excited to breathe new life into the automotive technician and DIY enthusiast communities,” said Shawn Collins, founder of EXTEND GROUP. “Our relaunch and upcoming site releases underscore our dedication to providing accessible, reliable, and up-to-date information that empowers individuals to excel in the automotive world.”

In addition to the valuable content, EXTEND GROUP is actively seeking to foster partnerships with renowned brands in the automotive industry. These collaborations are aimed at bringing users exclusive access to the latest products, tools, and technologies, further enhancing the learning and hands-on experiences.

Stay tuned as the EXTEND GROUP continues to unveil its revamped online platforms, revolutionizing the way automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts access information, guidance, and inspiration.

To learn more, visit the newly revamped Auto Parts U website:


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