Law Enforcement Expertise

EXTEND GROUP is proud to work with several law enforcement agencies to provide them with the tools necessary to extend their reach within the community.

Our innovative marketing strategies and profound geolocation knowledge allow us to create state-of-the-art platforms for law enforcement agencies. These systems provide life-saving resources for communities while simplifying processes and promoting available services.

Here’s what EXTEND GROUP can do for your law enforcement agency:

  • Create a responsive website and native app that promote your brand and services while acting as an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform that provides users with valuable community content.
  • Implement software optimized to allow law enforcement agencies easy access to vital information within their databases such as outstanding warrants, crime history, personal information, current locations and inmate lookups.
  • Manage your social media accounts to streamline real-time communication within your community. This can include updates of ongoing investigations, public assistance requests and the sharing of any other form of relevant information.
  • Integrate customer relationship management tools that provide detailed information on customer interaction throughout the process, from point of contact to sales and support.
  • Design eCommerce solutions that provide additional sources of revenue through report ordering, inmate communications and more.

Law Enforcement expertise timeline

EXTEND COMMUNITY Launches Porter County Sheriff Mobile App

EXTEND COMMUNITY Launches Porter County Sheriff Mobile App

With the recent launch of two mobile apps, EXTEND COMMUNITY is reinforcing the bonds of communication the company’s earlier efforts helped build between the Porter County Sheriff’s Office and the community the law enforcement agency serves and protects.

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At EXTEND GROUP, we understand the reach and control law enforcement agencies need to effectively perform their duties and we provide the solutions to achieve them. Contact us today to get started modernizing and optimizing your law enforcement agency for maximum efficiency.